Mental Well-being and Sustainable Performance

Mindfulness. Meditation. Emotional Intelligence.

Our Vision

Inspiring people to live more present and purposeful lives.

Our Mission

We develop corporate programs to help companies’ collaborators to cope with the pressure of a constantly changing business environment, and a highly competitive marketplace.

Our Story

Our work started in 1960 when Professor DeRose began to research and study meditation, and human behavior, long before mindfulness and emotional intelligence were mainstream. During the past decades he created and perfected the DeRose Method. It consists of the contemporary systematization of techniques from ancestral India and behavioral reeducation concepts he learned and taught to thousands of people throughout his life, backed by modern science. He has coached and mentored innumerable corporate executives and entrepreneurs in North America, Europe and South America. Some of the tools of our method are breathing, body techniques, internal cleansing techniques, relaxation, visualization, focus, and meditation. Some of the mindfulness programs are stress & well-being, emotional intelligence, intentional life, Focus & Sustainable Performance, intuitive & creative mind.

Professor DeRose

Founded the DeROSE Method network in 1960;

Has written over 30 books and sold over a million copies worldwide;

Has trained and certified more than 5,000 mindfulness instructors around the world;

Has won awards and commendations by Cultural and Humanitarian institutes, the Military and Government.