Bringing Meditation & Movement Together

Enhance Focus. Manage Stress. Handle Uncertainty.

How It Works.

We work with group memberships, private classes packs or coaching programs. Along the past 60 years we have designed and perfected a method that is composed of 2 elements:

Mindfulness Design Programs

The 5 different modules (see more details below) are the core of our method, and they are delivered through group or private interactive workshops.

Workshops duration: 1-hour.

Practical Classes

They are delivered through group or private classes. Each class can contain: breathing techniques, internal cleansing techniques, body movement techniques, relaxation and visualization exercises, and finally meditation/focus techniques.

Classes duration: from 25-minutes to 1-hour.

Mindfulness Design

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    Stress Management & Well-being

    A 6-step approach to reduce stress and maximize your well being and how to implement these steps to your day-to-day life.

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    Emotional Intelligence

    Gain more awareness of your behaviors, feelings, and emotions, learning how to channel and transform them in a more productive way.

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    Intentional Life

    In a world of information, distractions, and seemingly limitless possibilities, we must develop mental silence to live more present and meaningful lives.

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    Focus & Sustainable Performance

    Increase your focus, enhance your levels of energy, and boost your productivity so that you can reach you fullest potential in business or sports.

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    Intuitive & Creative Mind

    Shift the paradigms that hold you back and gain a more innovative approach to your work, projects, and overall life perspective. Develop a more intuitive attitude towards life.

Practical Classes & Activities

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    Mentalization (Twice A Month)

    Develop mental discipline to channel the power of the mind in your life. In addition, we host a potluck after every session.

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    Meditation & Focus (30 Min)

    Develop a solid foundation of breathing, self-awareness, relaxation, and focus so you can improve your meditation experience. Manage stress, sharpen your focus, and silence your mind.

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    Meditation & Movement - Level I

    The first step to reduce stress, manage anxiety, and improve your focus. This class is a fusion of techniques: breathing, vital organs health, body awareness, relaxation, and meditation.

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    Meditation & Movement - Level II

    This class contains a unique and even more complete collection of techniques. The level II classes take you to the next stage: enhancing your energy levels, mastering your emotions, and silencing your mind.

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    Body Awarness & Movement

    Develop your own choreography, as well as increase your body awareness through linked sequences of our organic body techniques.

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    Physical Training

    Develop resilience, muscle tone, and strength with our organic body techniques. And challenges your physical body, but also your emotions, thoughts, and mindset.

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    Gourmet (Once A Month)

    An opportunity to participate in the planning and preparation, learning how to cook and eat more mindfully.