An instrument of transformation of the world.

DeRose Method is a complete program to increase vitality, manage stress and promote the ability to focus. It has existed since 1960 and is currently found in different countries in the Americas and Europe. Its application generates increased productivity and high performance, through the application of technical and behavioral tools. Meditation, mindfulness, good human relationships, good nutrition, emotional intelligence are some of the concepts and techniques used, which encourage the development of various power skills. This allows the practitioner to maximize his potential and exploit it widely, contributing to making him a winner. With this change in behavior, the individual positively impacts the people around him, promoting, on a large scale, an improvement in society.

Our Company

Our world is fast, complex, & anxious. DeRose Meditation helps people to develop skills and behaviors necessary to achieve great mental wellbeing & peak work performance. We deliver memberships through a global platform with 574 weekly live group classes to individuals and companies. Differently from recorded class apps, our solution offers a world-recognized method, strong community, and personal guidance.

Our Story

Our work started in 1960 when Professor DeRose began to research and study meditation, and human behavior, long before mindfulness and emotional intelligence were mainstream. During the past decades he created and perfected the DeRose Method. It consists of the  systematization of techniques and behavioral reeducation concepts he learned and taught to thousands of people throughout his life, backed by modern science. He has coached and mentored innumerable new DeRose teachers in North America, Europe and South America. Some of the tools of our method are breathing, body techniques, internal cleansing techniques, relaxation, visualization, focus, and meditation. Some of the mindfulness programs are Stress Tolerance, Emotional Intelligence, Intentional Life, Focus & Sustainable Performance, Intuitive & Creative Mind.

Management Team

Professor DeRose

Systematized the DeRose Method and founded the DeRose network of Mindfulness studios worldwide. Author of more than 30 books. More than 60 years of experience in well-being & meditation.

Nuno Cramês

Co-founder and Chief Executive of DeRose Meditation, Nuno is also a teacher and Head of Teaching and Student Retention for the platform, and has provided consulting in quality of life and soft skills since 2012.

Fernanda Neis

Entrepreneur & Global VP of the DeRose Method Network. 25 years of experience teaching mindfulness & mentoring instructors worldwide. Has managed DeRose studios in both Brazil & the USA.

Christiano Neis

International C-Level Executive as CIO | CTO in companies such as AT&T, AON, and BNP Paribas. Expert in cloud, mobile app & payment, business scaling, back-office integration. IronMan practitioner.

William Camara

Head of Sales
Entrepreneur with experience in big digital launches, and almost 20 years of experience in the well-being industry. Co-authored the Mindfulness Design methodology.