Mental Well-being & Sustainable Performance

Mindfulness. Meditation. Emotional Intelligence.

Our Method.

The foundation of the DeRose Method includes stress management techniques, meditation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience. The efficiency and uniqueness of our method are due to our comprehensive practical approach: meditation, breathing, relaxation, increasing energy, nourishment, and mindfulness practices. Ultimately our approach cultivates highly positive and enduring altered habits and behaviors.

Mindfulness Design

Stress Management

Emotional Intelligence


Our Programs.

1) Workshops

Every minute of the day, you are making choices that will affect your relationships, well-being, professional performance, and, ultimately, your happiness. Imagine if you could be more aware of your behaviors, feelings and mindset. By developing mindfulness, you can reshape your choices to live your best and perform at full potential toward your aspirations in life.

Format: these programs are delivered to groups or privately, according to the needs of your company.

Content: classes can also be customized for your companies specific needs.

Duration: each module has up to 10 classes and each class has 1-hour duration.

Stress Management & Well-being​

A 6-step approach to reduce stress and maximize your well being and how to implement these steps to your day-to-day life.

Emotional Intelligence

Gain more awareness of your behaviors, feelings, and emotions, learning how to channel and transform them in a more productive way.

Intentional Life

In a world of information, distractions, and seemingly limitless possibilities, we must develop mental silence to live more present and meaningful lives.

Focus & Sustainable Performance

Increase your focus, enhance your levels of energy, and boost your productivity so that you can reach you fullest potential in business or sports.

Intuitive & Creative Mind

Shift the paradigms that hold you back and gain a more innovative approach to your work, projects, and overall life perspective. Develop a more intuitive attitude towards life.

2) Regular Practical Sessions: Comprehensive Approach to Well-being

In this program, we teach breathing, relaxation, visualization, meditation, and mindfulness practices. The intention is to promote: stress management, focus, an uncluttered mind, mental clarity, and well-being. In the long term, the practitioner gains a sustainable behavior change.

Format: the sessions are delivered to groups or privately, according to the needs of your company.

Duration: classes can be 15-min to 1-hour, depending on your needs.

Frequency: from once a week, every day, or even a single class.

3) Retreats

We can also organize and deliver retreats.