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What is Mindfulness?

Do you feel that time flies? That the years have been passing even faster? That you are continually working but have not yet achieved what you set out to achieve? This feeling of time flying indicates a lack of attention and being present in every…

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What opportunities do stay at home orders create?

“Obstacles and frustration are part of life. Living is the art of overcoming them.” DeRose How we respond to current affairs depends in large part on our backgrounds, training, and prior experiences. Covid19 may be the first major health crisis (or economic crisis) that many…

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Meditation and Mind-wandering

Meditation is not about controlling your thoughts; it’s about not letting your thoughts control you. It is training for the mind, much like going to the gym is training for the body. Mind-wandering is a fact of the human condition. When we are trying to…

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Every cloud has a silver lining

This vision of the world is possible when you have aspirations and dreams. Nothing is solely yours as much as your dreams. When you are nurturing your goals, aspirations, and dreams, you will always see a silver lining in the clouds. It is still important…

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