Our Classes and Workshops

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Mindfulness Design Program

Stress Management & Well-being

A 6-step approach to reduce stress and maximize your well being and how to implement these steps to your day-to-day life.

Inteligência emocional

Gain more awareness of your behaviors, feelings, and emotions, learning how to channel and transform them in more productive ways.

Vida Intencional

In a world of information, distractions, and seemingly limitless possibilities, we must develop mental silence to live more present and meaningful lives.

Foco & Performance Sustentável

Increase your focus, enhance your levels of energy, and boost your productivity so that you can reach you fullest potential in business or sports.

Mente criativa e intuitiva

Shift the paradigms that hold you back and gain a more innovative approach to your work, projects, and overall life perspective. Develop a more intuitive attitude towards life.


Practical Classes & Activities

Meditation & Movement Level I

The first step to reduce stress, manage anxiety, and improve your focus. This class is a fusion of techniques: breathing, vital organs health, body awareness, relaxation, and meditation.

Duration: 55-minutes.

Meditation & Movement Level II

Esta aula contém uma coleção de técnicas única e ainda mais completa. As aulas de nível 2 levam você ao próximo estágio: aumentando seus níveis de energia, melhorando a gestão emocional e silenciando sua mente.

Duration: 55-minutes.

Meditation & Focus

Desenvolva uma fundação sólida de respiração, autopercepção, descontração e foco, para que você possa melhorar sua experiência com a meditação. Gerencie o stress, afie seu foco e silencie sua mente.

Duration: 25-minutes.

Private Classes & Consulting

We will help you design a customized program that meets your individual needs and goals.